Pool Fences & Installations in Fremont, CA

Pools can be fun for the entire family and friends — it’s important to keep pool safety in mind — like having a pool fence installed in your Fremont, CA home.

A pool fence is a critical piece of safety equipment for any pool owner. Pool fences help to keep small children from drowning accidents by preventing them from access to the pool area. A mesh pool fence from Life Saver Pool Fence of San Ramon CA is made of durable materials such as 87% transparent mesh.

Pool fences can also be equipped with gates to provide additional safety. Fremont pool owners should ensure that their pool fence is tall enough to prevent children from climbing over it, and they should also regularly check the fence to make sure that it is in good repair. Our pool fences are sturdy and maintenance free — it lasts well into the future — for several years. Plus, we offer unlimited warranty on all of our pool fence products and pool gates.

When residents of Fremont take these necessary precautions, it will help to keep your family safe and prevent tragic accidents.

All residential pools in California must have a fence that is at least 48 inches tall, with a self-closing, self-latching gate. The fence must be constructed of materials that cannot be climbed upon, and the spaces between the pickets must be small enough to prevent a young child from squeezing through.
In addition, the pool fencing must be located at least 5 feet high and it must completely surround the pool area. These requirements are in place to help prevent drowning accidents, and they must be followed in order to maintain a safe pool environment.

Parents from Fremont, California aren’t just installing pool fences because it’s the law — it has to do with statistics from the CDC that’s waking everyone up.

For every minute of play time, a child aged 1–14 is at risk for being involved in an accident that could cause injury or death.  In fact, drowning ranks second only to motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause behind these statistics!

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    Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

    Life Saver Pool Fence of San Ramon CA is a leading provider of pool safety fences in Fremont, CA and our products are recommended and approved by national and local governments around the world. In the United States, our products are compliant with the National Swimming Pool Foundation’s standards for pool safety fence systems.

    In addition, our pool fences and pool gates have been tested and approved by global independent testing organizations. Around the world, our products have been installed in government pools, schools, hotels, and other public swimming facilities. In each case, our products have helped to create a safe environment for swimmers of all ages. So, if you are looking for a mesh pool fence in Fremont, CA or a high-quality pool safety fence system, Life Saver Pool Fence is the clear choice.


    Life Saver Pool Fence Product Details

    Our pool safety fence products are one of the sturdiest within the pool fencing and pool gate industry. Here are a few of its features:

    • Mesh safety pool fence can also be used anywhere in the backyard.
    • QuadStitch™ 4 stitched reinforced vinyl borders. Pool fence mesh is bordered on all 4 sides with vinyl border to stop potential unraveling.
    • Works for in ground pools
    • Textilene® high mil mesh (12-12 mil) w/ Marine grade thread woven basket weave. Tensile strength rating of over 387 pounds per square inch.
    • 87% Transparent
    • A triple-reinforced solid core pole – it’s the sturdiest in the industry.
    • Poles are powder-coated aerospace grade aluminum.
    • Accessories: Omni hangers and pool solar lights available for purchase
    • Mesh (Textilene), a polyvinyl coated nylon construction in basket weave holds up great in the Sun)
    • Multiple height options (from 3.5 ft to 5 ft)
    • Square & arched self-closing and self-latching pool gates
    • A variety of colors including the Black.
    • Unlimited warranty guaranteed!

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    Mesh Pet Fence in Fremont, CA

    Pool fences aren’t just designed to keep children from accessing the pool without adult supervision. They are also designed for keeping pets safe from drowning, preventing them from tracking dirt and debris into the pool, and protecting the pool structure from damage. In addition, a pool fence can also provide peace of mind for pet owners by ensuring that their furry friends are always safe while they enjoy the water.

    About Fremont, CA

    Fremont is a city located in the San Francisco Bay Area in Alameda County, California. The city had a population of 234,829 as of 2020, and it is the fourth most populous city in the Bay Area. The city is home to California Silicon Valley which has the headquarters of many high-tech companies including Cisco Systems, former Lexar Media, Lam Research, and SolarCity.

    The City of Fremont offers residents many amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, a skate park, and a dog park. Fremont also has a variety of shops and restaurants. In addition, the city hosts many events throughout the year including the Fremont Festival of the Arts and the Fremont Main Street Car Show. Overall, Fremont is a great place to live with plenty of things to do and see.

    Here are a few great landmarks:

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