Pool Fence Installations in Bay Point, CA

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A pool fence offers the highest protection against drowning accidents. If you are interested in getting a pool or already have one installed in Baypoint, CA, we recommend getting a Life Saver Pool Fence. It protects your kids, loved ones, and pets from accidental drowning.

Be like the other households in Bay Point, California that ensure the safety of their loved ones, especially kids and the elderly, by installing a mesh pool fence.

Children are extremely curious; most drownings happen in less than a minute. That is less time than it takes to go to the bathroom. A curious child can find their way into the pool.

Aside from guaranteeing your children’s safety, you are also required by law to place an enclosure around any residential pool. Since you have to install a fence anyway, why not take safety a step further and install Life Saver’s mesh pool fence with a self-closing, self-latching pool gate?

Life Saver Pool Fence is an effective physical barrier however we recommend implementing the following layers of protection to make your pool area even safer for your kids.:

  • Install door and exit alarms.
  • Install a self-closing, self-locking pool gate.
  • Teach your children how to swim.
  • Never let your kids in the pool unsupervised. All adults supervising the children should be able to perform CPR and basic first aid.
  • Get a pool safety cover.
  • Children should be equipped with basic water survival skills.

Drowning Facts

  • Contra Costa County was the first county in the country to pass a law requiring that fences be placed around pools.
  • California has one of the lowest rates of fatal drowning accidents in children, with about 0.8 drownings per 100,000 children.
  • Fatal drowning accidents accounted for 9% of all accidental deaths in Contra Costa County.


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    Pool Safety Requirements In Bay Point, California

    Bay Point, CA is particular about pool safety, especially when children are involved. They have pool safety requirements intended to keep children safe.

    • Every pool must be within an enclosure that separates it from the private single-family home.
    • The pool should have a mesh fence with a self-closing and self-latching gate. The latching devices should not be lower than 54” above the ground.
    • It should come with pool covers; if your kid can get the pool cover off, it is not good enough.
    • The pool should have alarms that go off when there is an unsupervised entrance. The doors that lead to the pool should have exit alarms too.


    Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence In Your Baypoint Home

    • A Life Saver Pool Fence provides your children with the highest protection from drowning accidents. They are designed with textile mesh that is 87% transparent and unclimbable, even for the most curious kids.
    • The fences are also designed to carry our self-latching and self-closing pool gates. You can add these gates to your order, and they will come loaded with our safety snap latch or Perma-lock for maximum security.
    • Life Saver mesh pool fences are extremely durable. They are designed with the strongest fence poles in the industry and textile mesh and will last years after you have bought them.
    • Life Saver Pool Fences and gates are designed for easy usage and are extremely versatile. They come in different sizes and heights ranging from 3½ ft to 5 ft.
    • Our Life Saver Pool Fences are available in different colors, including black, tan, brown, copper vein, green, and white.
    • The pool fencing brand we carry comes with a lifetime workmanship and materials warranty.


    Self-Closing Pool Gates in Bay Point, CA

    We install the best child pool safety fence in Baypoint, California and if you want to make your pool fence system even more secure, we recommend installing a self-closing, self-latching pool gate.

    We carry two styles of pool gates – the Arched Top and Square Flat Top gate. Both gates are self-latching and self-closing and are designed to resist wear and tear to last for a long time.

    Pool fences are great, but without a good gate, the entire purpose of installing one is defeated. So, while getting a Life Saver Pool Fence in Bay Point, California, is a good idea, it would be best to install it with our self-closing pool gate.

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    Mesh Pet Fence in Bay Point, CA

    Pets bring joy to our lives, and they are like kids in more ways than you can imagine. They are playful, active, and extremely curious. They also require supervision, especially when they are outside. But if you have a pet, you know how difficult this is.

    Protect your pets from the pool and other dangerous locations in your house by getting a mesh pet fence in your Baypoint home.

    With our mesh pet fences, you can also create an outdoor dog run so your pets stay safe even when they are outside. You can also use this fence indoors to protect your pets from dangerous spaces.  

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    Customer Reviews

    five star rating“Alex did an excellent, professional job! He was thorough in explaining the process and options as well as offering a lifetime warranty and reasonable price. We are very happy with our gate and the peace of mind it has brought to our family.” – Lindsay K.

    five star rating“AMAZING! Alex is the best! Our pool is safe for our son, he came quickly, got the job done fast and it looks great! Thanks Alex!” – Eryn G.

    five star rating

    “I called Alex and made an appointment with him within a week. They came out and we spoke about the different ways to lay out the fence It took them about 2.5 hours and it looks great. He was very respectful and did a great job. He showed me how to take down, store and put back up. The fence has a life time warranty” – Lora W.

    About Baypoint, California

    Baypoint, California, is a small census-designated community in Contra Costa County, in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is situated between the cities of Pittsburg and Concord and has an estimated population of around 21,000 people.

    One of the key landmarks in Baypoint is the Dow Wetlands Preserve, a protected area that provides a habitat for various wildlife and bird species. Another popular spot is the Bay Point Regional Shoreline, which offers hiking and biking trails along the waterfront.

    Visitors to Baypoint can also check out the Ambrose Park and Recreation Center, which features a variety of sports facilities and a water park. Additionally, the area has several restaurants and shops, making it a great place to explore and unwind.

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