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As a parent, the safety of your children is critical, and this includes when they are around the pool. A pool fence provides a physical barrier that isolates children from the pool, making it impossible for them to access the pool without adult supervision. The mesh pool fence in Ampere, CA, is particularly beneficial as its design makes it unclimbable, thereby enhancing its safety features. A pool safety fence in Ampere, CA, is not just another layer of protection; it is a necessary measure to ensure that your children are safe even when other layers of protection fail.

California has approximately 1.18 million residential swimming pools. Drowning is a leading cause of injury-related deaths in children age 5 and below. Near-drowning accidents have resulted in life-long disabilities. Drowning incidents are a significant concern for parents in Ampere.

Therefore, installing a pool safety fence in Ampere, CA is not just a good idea — it’s a lifesaving decision. Life Saver Pool Fence offers a superior solution to address this problem with its innovative designs and reliable features.

Drowning Fact

Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children aged 1-4 years? The majority of these drownings occur in home swimming pools. So, installing a pool safety fence is a crucial step in preventing these tragedies.

Pool Safety Regulations in Ampere, CA

In Ampere, CA, the pool safety regulations require that all residential swimming pools be equipped with at least one safety device such as a pool safety fence, a pool safety net, or a pool safety cover. Swimming pool fences should be at least 4 feet high and have a self-closing, self-latching gate.

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    Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

    Life Saver Pool Fence is a globally recognized and approved product, endorsed by both national and local governments. The pool fence stands out for its unique features:

    •     Indestructible triple-reinforced solid core poles for unbeatable strength.
    •     Professionally powder-coated aerospace-grade aluminum poles.
    •     Durable Textilene® mesh, resistant to sun damage and unclimbable.
    •     Tension-based supports for superior stability.
    •     Multiple height options and a wide selection of colors.
    •     Self-latching and self-closing gate options.
    •     Removable and easy-to-store pool fencing sections.
    •     A lifetime warranty covering every part of the fence.
    •     UV-resistant components and a proven, tested design.
    •     Trained local pool fence installers.
    •     Works for all types of pools and can be used anywhere in the backyard.

    Additionally, Life Saver Pool Fence provides a lifetime warranty, covering every aspect of the fence, from the mesh to the poles. Plus, it has a full range of colors so you can choose a pool fence that complements your backyard curb appeal.

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    Pool Gates in Ampere, CA

    Every fence needs a pool gate, and Life Saver Pool Fence offers both arched and square gates. Our fence is designed to be unclimbable, providing a safe barrier for children but easy access for adults. Pool gates are an essential part of your pool fence system, ensuring there are no unsafe access points.

    Mesh Pet Fence in Ampere, CA

    Our fencing system isn’t just for kids — it’s also perfect for pets. The mesh pet fence keeps pets safe from running towards the pool area and accidentally falling into the pool. Additionally, it serves as an outdoor dog run, and can even wall off areas of your home like the garage.

    The mesh pet fence we carry is a versatile solution for pet safety.

    With various colors and designs available, the fence seamlessly blends with any decor. Its durable construction and sun resistance make it a long-lasting investment. Overall, our pet fence is a reliable and multifunctional solution for pet owners, ensuring the safety and well-being of their beloved companions.

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    Customer Reviews

    five star rating“Alex did an excellent, professional job! He was thorough in explaining the process and options as well as offering a lifetime warranty and reasonable price. We are very happy with our gate and the peace of mind it has brought to our family.” – Lindsay K.

    five star rating“AMAZING! Alex is the best! Our pool is safe for our son, he came quickly, got the job done fast and it looks great! Thanks Alex!” – Eryn G.

    five star rating

    “I called Alex and made an appointment with him within a week. They came out and we spoke about the different ways to lay out the fence It took them about 2.5 hours and it looks great. He was very respectful and did a great job. He showed me how to take down, store and put back up. The fence has a life time warranty” – Lora W.

    About Ampere, CA

    Ampere, CA, is a charming city located in San Joaquin County. The city is known for its picturesque landscapes and welcoming community. Famous landmarks include the historic Ampere Clock Tower and the serene Ampere Public Park. Visitors and residents alike enjoy hiking in the nearby Redwood National and State Parks, renowned for its towering redwood trees.

    The city’s cultural scene is vibrant and is a host to a few annual festivals such as the Ampere Art Fair, the Ampere Food and Wine Festival, and the Winter Lights Parade that attract thousands of locals and tourists each year. In addition, Ampere is home to a thriving music scene, with a variety of venues offering live performances spanning genres from classical to rock.

    The city is a stone’s throw to Downtown Lodi, where you can find a mix of authentic foods. The Lodi Farmers Market is held every Thursday, (May 16th through September 5th except Thursday, July 4)

    Ampere, CA also encourages sustainable living with its numerous bike paths and green spaces, and the city’s public transportation system is efficient and well-connected. e-Scooters are allowed.

    The city is home to the tech industry with a number of start-ups and tech giants like Ampere Computing, which makes it an attractive place for tech professionals to live and work.

    On weekends and holidays, residents and vacationers love to visit 

    Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Tower Park.

    Ampere is a city that offers high-quality living in a welcoming atmosphere.

    Pool Safety Resources for Ampere, CA Residents

    Ampere residents can access the following resources for pool safety information.