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Kids and adults alike love taking a splash in the pool, especially during hot sunny days. Taking a swim is not only a great way to spend time with family and friends in San Ramon, CA, but it also has an array of health benefits. For example, it keeps the heart rate up while reducing the impact of stress. It’s great for the muscles and so much more!

However, installing a swimming pool with a sturdy pool fence is just one aspect of having a safe pool.

Life Saver Pool Fence of San Ramon CA offers everything your pool fence will need. Here are a few accessories every pool owner should have:

Omni Hangers for Life Jackets, Towels, and More

Omni HangerNo one should waste time looking around for their safety equipment during pool time. Having life jacket hangers, and towels installed on your pool fence will help secure your children’s safety by giving them quick access to their life jackets when they go swimming.

Additionally, oftentimes people like to toss their wet towels on the ground without even realizing it. However, this can become a major tripping hazard. Using towel hangers can prevent accidents. Plus, this will help avoid your towels from becoming moldy and musky.


Swimming Pool Alarms

poolguard pool alarmPool alarms can help prevent an accidental drowning. Whenever a child, pet, or anyone falls into the pool accidentally, it will trigger the alarm to set off instantly.

There are plenty of pool alarms available. We recommend the following:

Portable Poolguard Above-ground Pool Alarm (Safety Bouy) is a pool alarm that uses Sub Surface Detection Technology that will detect intrusions like a one-year-old toddler. In fact, it is the ONLY floating pool alarm available.

The Safety Bouy is great for spas, soft-sided portable pools, and above ground pools.

The Safety Turtle Starter Kit protects a child and pets from swimming accidents by blaring an alarm the moment there is a fall into the water

Life Saver Pool Fence Solar lights

Life Saver Pool Fence Solar LightsSolar lights are eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and will enhance the safety and beauty of your property.

Ground Solar Lights

Getting ground solar lights installed professionally will not only enhance the appearance of your backyard by illuminating your pool area at night, but it will also allow you to clean your pool at night safely.

Our solar lights for pools include:

  • White LED with 3 lumens of brightness
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Powered by a rechargeable AAA battery
  • Charges in the shade/sun
  • 8 hour run time
  • The light measures
  • Size: 1 x 3 x 1 inches (LxHxW) (6 lights per box)

All of the swimming pool products mentioned above are comparable with Life Saver Pool Fence.

Pool Gate Locks

pool gate MagnaLatchTo protect your small children during swimming time, make sure to install a pool gate lock. Make sure to install the lock so it’s high enough to avoid your children from reaching up to unlock it — even though it’s childproof.

We recommend using The MagnaLatch because it will ensure your child cannot access the pool by opening the pool gate, without supervision, on their own.


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