Pool Safety Products

Life Saver Pool Fence of San Ramon CA has been making homes safer in Contra Costa County giving families the assurance that installing a pool safety fence will help keep their children safe around their swimming pool.

Through our years of experience, we have developed an expertise in swimming pool safety. This we offer the safest pool safety fence available in the California market that is installed by the most highly trained installers.

Removable Mesh Pool Fence

Life Saver mesh pool fenceSwimming pool safety should never be taken lightly. To keep your family safe from the potential dangers of your swimming pool, we only sell the Life Saver pool fence which is the safest mesh pool fence available in the market. Our fence is available in either black or brown and in 4 foot or 5 foot in height. The industry leading Life Saver pool fence comes with the strongest solid pool poles which are virtually unbreakable.

Our pool fence is made in America and built using the best material and finest techniques for quality. Additionally, the Life Saver Pool Fence is the result of years of product safety testing and improvements. To learn more about removable swimming pool fence by Life Saver and why it is best in the industry, keep reading.


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    Mesh Material – Textilene Mesh: 12-12 Mill.

    Our fencing is made of the strongest industrial mesh currently available. This mesh is the most transparent of all mesh pool fences, plus it has a tensile strength of over 270 pounds per square inch. Making it strong enough to withstand large amounts of force, wear and tear, and weather conditions.  The mesh weave is made from a strong nylon basket weave and has a polyvinyl coating and is also sun-resistant.

    The finished mesh is then securely mounted onto Quad-X core reinforced aluminum poles and reinforced with aluminum cove molding strips attached to each pole.

    Our mesh comes is currently available in either black or brown.

    Border & Stitch

    border & stitchThe border that is used on all Life Saver pool fences is made of a leather-engrained QuadStitch™ material. The border is then secured using Aqualon thread stitches which ensures the mesh won’t sag or rip. Our nylon border can withstand the harshest conditions of sun and other weather conditions.

    High Performance Solid Pool Fence Poles

    pool fence polesWe only use rounded fasteners so there is no risk of homeowners or their families sustaining an injury from sharp edges. Even the molding’s edges are rounded to perfection.

    The patented pool fence poles we use are triple-reinforced for a more solid installation. In fact, third-party testing has shown that they the strongest removable pool fence poles in the industry by far.

    These poles are available in black or brown.

    Safety Latches

    Magna LatchThe safety latches used by Life Saver are nickel-plated and cannot be opened with one hand. This ensures that young children won’t be able to open the pool gate and access the pool area unsupervised.

    Additionally, the spring set used in the latches is made from stainless steel and is resistant to rust and corrosion.

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