7 Layers of Protection to Help Prevent Accidental Drownings in Residential Pools

One of the primary causes of death for children under the age of 5 is accidental swimming pool drownings. According to the CDC, 390 children drown every year.

Is your child safe around your pool area? Have you been concerned about his or her safety?

At Life Saver Pool Fence of San Ramon, we recommend implementing the following 7 layers of protection:

  1. Everyone in your household should learn CPR.  All babysitters and caretakers should also know CPR.
  2. If your child is missing, always check the pool area first, even if your pool is not in use.
  3. Install a removable pool fence to surround the entire swimming pool.
  4. Every caretaker or babysitter who takes care of your child should practice pool safety.
  5. Install pool alarms and door locks for your swimming pool.
  6. Assign a pool watcher that is responsible for making sure all children are safe.
  7. Make sure to give your children swimming instructions at an early age.

Many parents, caretakers, and babysitters are not aware that accidental drowning is a silent killer. In fact, swimming pool drownings are currently the #1 accidental killer of small children.

When you follow these 7 layers of protection you can ultimately save your child’s life. Any child who comes within close proximity of your pool will be protected. Most of all, installing a pool fence can help give you peace of mind.

How Can You Keep Your Young Children Protected Against Accidental Swimming Pool Drownings? 

If you do not have a removable mesh pool fence or a temporary pool fence, your child is at risk. Now is the perfect time to get one installed. Installing a Life Saver mesh pool fence  will protect your child every time he or she comes near your pool area. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your pool without worrying constantly about his/her safety.

7 Layers of Protection - Life Saver Pool Fence of San Ramon CA

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